WBCHSE Class 12 Practical PDF 2022

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Here in this post we share WHCHSE HS Class 12 Practical PDF Download PDF 2021-22.

Instructions regarding practical Examination of H.S: Examination 2022 As directed, a notice regarding conducting Practical Exam of H.S. Examination, 2022 was uploaded on the website of the council vide No. L/SECY/31/2021 dated 02/11/2021 in which it was mentioned that the Question paper for practical Examination for this year will not be sent by the Council and the schools were directed to complete the Practical Examinations by 04 March, 2022 and to submit Marks Foil etc. to the council by 15/03/2022.

Demo Practical For HS Examinees 2022

As schools are closed due to the current pandemic situation, no practical classes could be taken as a result. Hence for ready reference and to help the students out of this current situation, following videos have been published related to the practical curriculum of the Higher Secondary Examination 2022.

All the concerned are requested to watch. Subject/Topic-wise links given below:

Sl Subjects Video Links**

  1. PHYSICS https://youtu.be/4Wieyemhqjg
  2. CHEMISTRY https://youtu.be/C2iseZ7DBuM
  3. BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE https://youtu.be/mSEey-dIhJo
  4. STATISTICS https://youtu.be/80N_S01gn34
  5. PSYCHOLOGY https://youtu.be/0rsICWM39dA
  6. NUTRITION https://youtu.be/AuR5q65zHIs
  8. COMPUTER SCIENCE https://youtu.be/arovWbauCUc
  9. MUSIC https://youtu.be/eOqS8dqNAAE
  10. Visual Arts https://youtu.be/ZvGt6iqJxs4
  11. Home Management & Family Resource Management
  12. Health & Physical Education https://youtu.be/4pY8ig2HdL8
  13. Geography https://youtu.be/krxS4uphlyM

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