WBCHSE Class 12 Chemistry Project PDF Download: 2021-22

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Here in this post we share Latest Errorless WBCHSE Class 12 Chemistry Project PDF Download for the academic year of 2021 to 2022. Download and Print or make a copy to your Mobile.

WBCHSE curriculum for class 12 includes investigatory chemistry projects through which the students understand the fundamental theories. If you are a 12th class student who is looking forward to preparing an impressive project and need some assistance with it, you are just in the right place.

Since you have got comparatively lesser time to study for your board exams, it is advisable to prepare your chemistry project easy and simple to explain. Given below are the details about the most popular chemistry project for class 12.

Presence of Oxalate Ions in Guava Fruit and Different Stages of Ripening

Chemistry Project: Oxalate Ions in Guava Fruit


A process that leads to the transfer of a substance from fluid bulk to a solid surface, because of the forces by chemical bonds is called Adsorption.

Synthesis of Aspirin

Sterilization of Water Using Bleaching Powder

Analysis of Fertilizer

Effect of Potassium Bisulphate as a Food Preservative

Quantity of Presence of Casein in Different Samples of Milk

Evaluation Scheme for ExaminationMarks
Volumetric analysis10
Salt Analysis08
Content Based Experiment06
Class Record, Viva and Project work06

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