UGC NET Physical Education Syllabus and Question Paper PDF

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UGC NET Physical Education Syllabus

The following subjects are mentioned in the UGC NET Physical Education Syllabus. The UGC NET Physical Education Syllabus pdf can also be downloaded from the direct link provided below. Each subject has subtopics that need to be addressed for comprehensive preparation.

Examine each part of the syllabus and answer the previous year’s questions to see how much you’ve retained.

Download UGC NET Physical Education Syllabus

UnitTopic Name
1 Physical education and adapted physical education, their objectives
Philosophies of education as applied to physical education
2 Exercise physiology its scope and importance in the field of physical education and sports
3 Kinesiology and biomechanics. Modern trends in biomechanics. Planes and Axes of human body. Joints and their movements.
4 Sports psychology- its importance in the field of physical education and sports.
5 Development of teacher education for physical education in India. Comparative study of professional preparation in physical education of India with those of USA, Russia, Germany, Australia and UK.
6 Health- its objectives and spectrum. Health education, its importance and principles. Role of genetics and environment in achieving health. Health-related physical fitness.
7 Sports training- its characteristics and principles. Training load, its features, principles and adaptation process. Means and methods of executing training load. Overload, its Causes, symptoms and remedial measures.
8 Research in physical education- its importance and classification. Ethical issues in research.
9 Test, measurement and evaluation -their types and importance in physical education and sports. Principles and processes of evaluation in physical education.
10 Management- its principles and theories. Scope of management in physical education and sports. Guiding principles for organizing physical education & sports programmes in institutions

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