UGC NET Anthropology Syllabus and Question Paper PDF

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Topics in the Anthropology UGC NET Syllabus

Check the anthropology Syllabus for the UGC NET Exam below. The list of topics as per the syllabus pdf is given below. Examine the topic list and prepare for the exam accordingly. After completing each topic. go through the past year questions from the question paper to check your understanding

Download UGC NET Anthropology Syllabus 

UnitTopic Name
1History, development, aim and scope of Anthropology, relationship with other sciences, different
branches of Anthropology (including Linguistic Anthropology) and their interrelationship
2Lamarckism, Neo-Lamarckism, Darwinism, Neo-Darwinism, Synthetic theory, neutral theory of
molecular evolution, the concept of cladogenesis and anagenesis, punctuated equilibrium, selection.
3Modern Human Variation: Typological Model, Populational Model and Clinal Model; overview
of Classification proposed by Blumenbach, Deniker, Hooton, Coon, Garn and Birdsell.
4Human Growth, development and maturation: definition, concepts.
5Concept of prehistoric archaeology
6Lower Palaeolithic Period in India
7Conceptual Understanding of Social Anthropology:
8Theories in Social Anthropology
9Stages in the Development of Indian Anthropology
10Concepts and Theories

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