Study Tips: How to Remember the Scientific Name of Organisms

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Students who are studying the biology subject in their higher studies have one major problem. First is understanding complicated modules like what are sexually transmitted diseases and the next one is any guesses? That is remembering the scientific name of biological organisms. Whether it is a zoology branch of horticulture, understanding these complicated organism names and structures is challenging. However, it is an essential job to understand and remember those names without making mistakes.

We know that these terms are derived from Latin and Greek terminologies. Hence, it is a difficult task to learn these complicated names. But, in this post, we will share a few effective tips that help students in remembering scientific names.

Ways to Learn Scientific Names of The Organism

Split up

First, split up the terminology into two or three different parts and learn every part separately. It is the easiest and popular learning method that many students did in their past school years. Undoubtedly, learning an entire complex word in one go is a challenging task. But, when one complicated term like Cal-o-den-drum cap-ense is broken into different parts, it becomes easier to remember and memorize.

Once you are done remembering different parts, merge them and practice memorization in a single turn. Although in the beginning it will be time consuming, its regular practice will hone your diction skills, and you will not forget these scientific names of organisms for long.

Put tags in your surroundings

‘Tag your surroundings’ means write names in sticky notes and stick them everywhere you spend most of your time, for instance, in your study room, garden, or any other part of the house. One more good idea is to tag plants that are available in your home garden as we all know that every plant has a scientific name so put the tag on it as well.

Once in a while, look for these terminologies. It will help in recalling names faster than any other conventional learning method. Reading those names regularly will make you well versed in all scientific terminologies. Hence, follow this method if you are unable to follow the above two given tips. This tip will definitely work.


Writing is a good habit to memorize every complicated concept. In fact, writing improves the knowledge retention power in no time. Hence, if you face any difficulty remembering the scientific names of organisms, write more and regularly. Please make a note in the rough copy and practice writing them daily.

Do not procrastinate or leave this habit after a certain period of time. Write more terms and spare this writing time separately from your daily study routine. However, make sure you copy all names correctly. How to start? It is very simple. First, write any terminology you want to memorize, then copy it four to five times. Then, practice the same without seeing it at least ten times.


Are you good at drawing? If yes, then use flashcards and integrate them into your daily study routine. First, draw the organism structure on one side. Then, write its scientific name on another. In such a manner, prepare a deck of flashcards and start practicing them daily. However, if you are good at drawing and still want to use flashcards, buy them online.

In the digital space, flashcards of every concept and of every module are available. Also, they are budget-friendly, so do not worry about the cost. Ensure that online bought flashcards have appropriate terminologies, which is important to gain accurate knowledge.

So, start your preparation from today onwards!

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