Physical Activity Trainer Class 09 Syllabus

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The syllabus consists of four units: (i) Role of Physical education in Child (ii) Planning Age Appropriate Physical Activity (iii) Organizing Age Appropriate Physical Activities (iv) Children Health and Safety.

Part B – Subject Specific Skills

  1. Unit 1: Role of Physical Education in Child Development
  2. Unit 2: Planning Age Appropriate Physical Activity
  3. Unit 3: Organising Age Appropriate Physical Activities
  4. Unit 4: Children Health and Safety

Unit 1: Role of Physical Education in Child Development

1. Identify the physical and emotional needs of the children

  1. Domains for Early Childhood Development – Physical, Emotional, Social, Communicative, Adaptive, etc.
  2. Development of fundamental motor skills – gross and fine motor skills
  3. Cognitive development
  4. Psychosocial wellbeing
  5. School readiness
  6. Understanding child activity

2. Identify factors influencing physical activities

  1. Demographic factors (socioeconomic status)
  2. Biological factors (age, weight status)
  3. Psychological factors
  4. Behavioural factors
  5. Social-cultural factors
  6. Environmental factors

3. Plan physical activities

  1. Identifying physical activity sessions (everyday activities, recreational activities, sport)
  2. Structuring physical activity sessions
  3. Macro-planning
  4. Meso-planning
  5. Micro-planning
  6. Weekly Planning
  7. Lesson plan

4. Conduct physical activities

  1. Arranging play spaces
  2. Props and equipment required for physical activity sessions
  3. Conducting physical activity sessions

Unit 2: Planning Age Appropriate Physical Activity

1. Plan activities for increasing physical strength and coordination

  1. Resources required for activities
  2. Planning everyday activities
  3. Planning recreational activities
  4. Planning sport activities

2. Plan activities for developing cognitive skills

  1. Cognitive skills – Reading, Writing, Numeracy, etc.
  2. Activities to be organized – Games, Singing, Dancing

3. Manage class

  1. Designing time table
  2. Understanding Duration of activities as per learning outcomes

Unit 3: Organising Age Appropriate Physical Activities

1. Identify games for everyday activities

  1. Fitness Activities
  2. Specific sports training
  3. Sports periods
  4. Games

2. Organize sport activities

  1. Sports days
  2. Summer camp
  3. Winter camp
  4. Tournaments
  5. Mass drills and display
  6. Programs for parents and staff

Unit 4: Children Health and Safety

1. Demonstrate the knowledge of child health care and habits

  1. Child health
  2. Factors influencing child health and hygiene
  3. General Nutrition

2. Describe the various aspects of safety management and emergency response

  1. Storage facility for the equipment
  2. Safe acts and safety measures in playground
  3. Safety aspects related to use of equipment
  4. Basic First Aid and response to emergency
  5. Exit protocol

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