[KEA] KCET Syllabus PDF, Exam Date & Exam Pattern 2022-23

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Here in this post we share Latest updated karnataka common entrance test KCET syllabus 2022 With Exam Date and Exam Pattern, You can Download in PDF.

[Hot News] KCET 2022 Syllabus had been reduced because the syllabus for PUC I & II has undergone a reduction of 30%.

The KEA (Karnataka Examination Authority) will organize this exam under the Karnataka University. The KCET Syllabus 2021 has been released by Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA). Here we are providing the detailed Karnataka CET Syllabus 2022.

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KCET Syllabus, Karnataka Examination Authority KCET Syllabus, KCET Question Papers PDF Download

KCET 2022 Syllabus

The detailed KCET syllabus 2022 will available on this page soon after it is released on the official website. The KCET 2022 Syllabus will be based on the latest syllabus of First and Second year of PUC as issued by the Department of Pre-University Education of Karnataka State.

Meanwhile, students can download the pdf of KCET 2021 Syllabus, any changes in KCET Syllabus 2022 will be updated here.

KCET Syllabus 2022: PUC IKCET Syllabus 2022: PUC II

KCET Syllabus 2022: Physics

The Physics syllabus of KCET 2021 will be subdivided into two categories, i.e. first year PUC and second year PUC.

KCET Syllabus 2022: Important Topics for Physics
Physical WorldElectric Charges and Fields
Units and MeasurementElectrostatic Potential and Capacitance
Motion in a Straight LineCurrent Electricity
Motion in a PlaneMoving Charges and Magnetism
Laws of MotionMagnetism and Matter
Work, Power and EnergyElectromagnetic Induction
System of Particle and Rotational MotionAlternating Current
GravitationElectromagnetic Waves
Mechanical Properties of SolidRay Optics and Optical Instruments
Mechanical Properties of FluidWave Optics
Thermal Properties of MatterDual Nature of Radiation and Matter
Kinetic TheoryNuclei
OscillationSemiconductor Electronics: Material, Devices and Simple Circuits

KCET Syllabus 2022: Chemistry

KCET Syllabus 2022: Important Topics for Chemistry
Some Basic Concepts of ChemistryThe Solid State
Structure of AtomSolutions
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in PropertiesElectrochemistry
Chemical Bonding and Molecular StructureChemical Kinetics
States of MatterSurface Chemistry
ThermodynamicsThe p-Block Elements
EquilibriumThe d- and f-Block Elements
Redox ReactionsCoordinate Compounds
HydrogenHaloalkanes and Haloarenes
The s-Block ElementsAlcohols, Phenols and Ether
The p-Block ElementsAldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
Organic Chemistry- Some Basic Principles and TechniquesAmines
Environmental Chemistry

KCET Syllabus 2022: Mathematics

KCET Syllabus 2022: Important Topics for Mathematics
SetsRelations and Functions
Relations and FunctionsInverse Trigonometric Functions
Trigonometric FunctionMatrices
Principle of Mathematical InductionDeterminants
Complex Numbers and Quadratic EquationsContinuity and Differentiability
Linear InequalitiesApplication of Derivatives
Permutations and CombinationIntegrals
Binomial TheoremApplication of Integrals
Sequence and SeriesDifferential Equations
Straight LinesVector Algebra
Introduction to Three-dimensional GeometryThree-dimensional Geometry
Limits and DerivativesLinear Programming

KCET Syllabus 2022: Biology

KCET Syllabus 2022: Important Topics for Biology
Diversity in the Living WorldReproduction
Structural Organisation in Plants and AnimalsGenetics and Evolution
Structure and FunctionsBiology in Human Welfare
Plant PhysiologyBiotechnology
Human PhysiologyEcology

KCET Exam Pattern 2022

KCET 2022 will be held on two days in four different sessions for four subjects. Candidates will check the exam pattern of KCET 2022 on the official website along with the Karnataka CET 2022 brochure.

  • KCET Day 1: – Biology and Mathematics test will be conducted in 1+1 sessions
  • KCET Day 2: – Physics and Chemistry paper will be conducted in 1+1 sessions

KCET Exam Schedule is given below:

Day (Tentative)SubjectsSession/ TimingsMarks for Each SubjectTime Duration for Each Paper
Day 1: (3th week of August 2022)Biology10.30 am – 11.50 pm60 Mark70+10 (To Fill Details in OMR Sheet)
Mathematics02.30 pm – 03.50 pm
Day 2: (3th week of August 2022)Physics10.30 am – 11.50 pm
Chemistry02.30 pm – 03.50 pm


[1] KCET 2022 exam is conducted in offline mode which will be conducted in 2 days and 4 sessions- Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. Each subject will have 60 MCQ and the exam duration is of 80 minutes.

[2] Candidates will be allotted 1 mark for each correct answer and there will be no negative marking.

Best Books for KCET 2022

Some of the best books for KCET 2022 that will help you while preparing are mentioned below:

PhysicsObjective Physics MCQ – By Disha Experts
Pradeep’s fundamental physics – (Class 11 and Class 12)
ChemistryKarnataka CET Chemistry – By Ravinder Chadha
Modern’s abc of Chemistry – S.P Jauhar
MathematicsKarnataka CET Maths – By D.P Arora
BiologyObjective Biology MCQ – By Disha Experts
All in OneKarnataka CET Solved Paper of 16 Years – By Arihant
Best Books for KCET

KCET Mock Test

Mock tests are one of the most integral parts of cracking KCET, make sure you practice each and every topic well and implement the same whole solving KCET Mock Tests.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) – KCET Syllabus 2022 – Check Subject and Topic Wise Syllabus

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