Crack Class 12 Chemistry in just 4 Days & Strategies to Score 96+

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In entirety only four days are left, it is possible to crack Class 12 Chemistry in just 4 Days. Because if you had any doubts about this fact, you wouldn’t be here in the first place. Last Edit: 26.03.2022 and Update: Mudassar Husain.

So, the real question is how to Crack Class 12 Chemistry in just 4 Days? 90 percent of students score their best score by revising. But before you reach your best potential you need to kill all the distractions first. Disown every social media platform, games or stream service, adda with friends that is keeping you hooked and has been eating your valuable time.

Reignite your fire of dreams, visualize you in your dream college, be confident and gear up for a tough but a rewarding ride.

Crack Class 12 Chemistry in just 4 Days and Strategies to Score 96 plus

Strategies to Score 96+ and Crack Class 12 Chemistry 2022:

  1. Master the basics
    • First step is that you need to complete the theory part and stop wandering/switching from one book to another.
      • Referring too many sources will only confuse you.
    • Start with the TextBook alone, read it line by line and complete all easy kill chapters to gain confidence.
      • Solid State, Solutions, Electrochemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Surface Chemistry, Coordination Compounds, Haloalkanes and Haloarenes, Alcohol Phenol and Ethers, Biomolecules are some easy kill chapters.
    • Doing the exemplary questions will build your confidence for tougher questions.
  2. Master with technique
    • Doing hard work in making short notes and practicing numerical is a must but due to limited amount of time, smart work becomes the key to Crack Class 12 Chemistry in just 4 Days. Following techniques will help you simplify the tough concept and remember the concepts better.
      • Underline Impotent Point in TextBook
      • Make a Speed Look up on State Board 2015 to 2019 Questions.
      • Talk to Subject Teacher.
      • Make Revision of Handwritten Notes.
  3. Mind maps for Chemistry
    • Use mind mapping to understand tough derivations. This technique involves taking a topic and branching out other interconnected topics.
      • A single page snapshot of the entire chapter for longer retention
  4. Flow charts/ Block diagrams/ Infographic ideas for Chemistry
    • This is a technique where principal functions are represented through Flow charts/ Block diagrams/ Infographic ideas for Chemistry. It will help you understand the concept with greater clarity.
  5. Previous Year Questions Papers
    • Solve State Board HS previous years’ papers 2015 to 2019. They will help you get familiarized with the Class 12 exam pattern, and keep a check on the level of learning you are able to achieve. Which topics are more covered and what kind of questions find their way every year are also some of the findings? Latest State Board Class 12 Suggestions Question Papers 2022 and Fully solved highly likely questions based on the latest pattern with.
  6. Trend Analysis
    • Chapter-wise
  7. Time table
    • When the time is less, use it the most. A study plan organizes all the topics that have to be covered in 4 days. Use a Pen Paper calendar to assign a topic based on the number of hours required.
    • Do self-study for at least 10 hours a day.
    • Divide your day into three/four halves equally to the three Sub-subjects( Physical, Inorganic & Organic Chemistry)
    • Assign one complicated chapter and three easy chapter.
    • Solve a minimum of 50 Questions for each subject daily.
  8. Physical and Mental Health
    • Gradually correct your sleeping schedule. Start waking in the morning and going to bed before midnight.
Physical HealthMental Health
Talk a tiffin on Morning Time Talk Two time Sleeping Schedule
Early WakeupEarly in bed time
Start walking and free hand Exercise in the morningFocus more on chemistry and alternatively juggle your progressive

Good Luck!

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