CBSE NCERT Syllabus for Class 10 Chemistry PDF

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Here you can find the latest CBSE NCERT Syllabus for Class 12 Chemistry, although the syllabus with study material of class 12 standard is provided. The CBSE Class 10 exam is one of the milestones in student’s life. The content of Class 10 Chemistry is designed keeping this in mind. It covers the concepts of chemical reactions and equations, acids, bases and salts, metals and non-metals, carbon and its compounds and periodic classification of elements, etc.

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1.1 Balancing a Chemical Equation
1.2 Oxidation and Reduction Reactions
1.3 Types of Chemical Reactions
1.4 Corrosion, rusting and rancidity

Chapter 2: Acids, Bases and Salts

Types of compounds acids II
Types of compounds acids
Types of compounds bases
Strength of acids and bases
pH scale
Indicators for testing acids and bases
Common salt
Sodium hydroxide
Washing soda
Baking soda
Bleaching powder
Plaster of paris
Hydrated salts
Baking powder

Chapter 3: Metals and Non-metals

Physical properties of metals and non-metals
Chemical properties of metals
Chemical properties of non-metals
Difference between metals and non-metals
Reactivity series of metals
Uses of metals and non-metals
Ionic compounds and covalent compounds
Occurence of metal II
Occurence of metal
Corrosion and rusting

Chapter 4: Carbon and its Compounds

Anomalous behaviour of carbon
Allotropes of carbon
Functional groups
Carbon compounds
Acetic acid
Soaps and detergents

Chapter 5: Periodic Classification of Elements

Early attempts at the classification of elements
Early attempts at the classification of elements Mendeleeve’s periodic table
Present basis for the classification of elements modern periodic table
Periodic table trends based on the properties of elements
Characteristics of periods and groups
Merits of modern periodic table

Class 10 NCERT Books for Science Free PDF Download

CBSE NCERT Books for Class 10 Science are provided in PDF form so that students can access it at anytime anywhere. CBSE Class 10 NCERT Science books are available in both English as well as Hindi Medium, for students of respective English and Hindi medium schools. Check the below links, click and download them for further use.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science

CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science: Here is the chapter-wise NCERT Solutions for class 10 science in Hindi Medium and English Medium are listed below

Chapter 1 Chemical Reactions and Equations
Chapter 2 Acids, Bases and Salts
Chapter 3 Metals and Non-metals
Chapter 4 Carbon and Its Compounds
Chapter 5 Periodic Classification of Elements
Chapter 6 Life Processes
Chapter 7 Control and Coordination
Chapter 8 How do Organisms Reproduce?
Chapter 9 Heredity and Evolution
Chapter 10 Light Reflection and Refraction
Chapter 11 Human Eye and Colourful World
Chapter 12 Electricity
Chapter 13 Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
Chapter 14 Sources of Energy
Chapter 15 Our Environment
Chapter 16 Management of Natural Resources

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