Bihar Board BSEB Class 11 Mathematics Syllabus PDF 2021-22

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Here in this post, we share the Latest Bihar Board BSEB Class 11 Mathematics Syllabus PDF Download Now for the academic year of 2021-22.

Bihar Board Mathematics Syllabus for Intermediate I Year

From Sets and Functions, Trigonometry and Coordinate Geometry to Statistics and Probability, the Bihar Board Intermediate I Year Maths Syllabus covers a lot of interesting topics, setting a strong base for students who wish to pursue higher education in the Engineering, Medical or any other science fields.

Mathematical Logic, Sets and Functions

  • 1.1 Sets
  • 1.2 Relations and Functions
  • 1.3 Mathematical Logic
  • 1.4 Boolean Algebra



  • 3.1 Sequence and Series
  • 3.2 Complex Numbers
  • 3.3 Quadratic Equations and Expressions
  • 3.4 Permutation and Combination
  • 3.5 Principle of Mathematical Induction
  • 3.6 Binomial Theorem
  • 3.7 Logarithm
  • 3.8 Some Important Infinite Series

Coordinate Geometry

Elements of Calculus
Statistics and Probability

  • 6.1 Straight Lines
  • 6.2 Conic Sections
  • 6.3 Introduction of Three Dimensional Geometry


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